CPR on ABC Gold Coast Radio

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Click above and listen to my recent talk on the great ABC Gold Coast Radio morning radio show hosted by Nicole Dyer.  We discuss my recent workshop at Robina Hospital where I shared my CPR acronym (Charisma, Professionalism, and Rapport) and how it can not only help doctors and nurses but everyone interested in having a positive interaction with others.

I discuss also important nonverbal elements to CPR including how important eye contact is. ¬†Finally, I share how I recommend the Olivia Fox Cabane’s book, the Charisma Myth.

More information:

CPR: Charisma Professionalism & Rapport (read the brief article here)

The Charisma Myth (buy it here, the author’s site here, and twitter here)

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Nicole Dyer (on twitter here and biography here)